Winter is leaving…Spring is on its way…

We have managed to miss the last several rounds of snow here is SouthWest Missouri. They have just not happened at all or have been rain when they have been here.

And now the temperature is hovering around 40 in the afternoons. Thats well below average for here…average being 56 according to the weather people.

But still, the sun has been warm, the birds are signing happy spring-time songs, and I have managed to spend a few hours outdoors a few days this week with my 3 year old.

There are flower bulbs growing in my backyard (our first spring in this house so I don’t know what they are)…some look like they will be daffodils and some like crocus.

The robins are back in large quantities now, entire flocks of them. Not just the one or two that were apparently confused a month ago.

The geese are flying north.

And yesterday, I had to get closer cause I thought my eyes deceived me. There it was…shining bright and full in the middle of the flower bulb sprouts…a DANDELION!!!!

It’s gonna be spring soon everyone!!!


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