Non-Phone WAH Opportunities

Phone jobs are a great way to have a steady income in the work-at-home world, but what if you have a house full of children and working on the phone is just not an option? There are many work-at-home jobs that use other skills, including transcription, internet research, texting services, and data entry.
If you have transcription experience you should be able to get a great job with a WAH transcription company such as Speak-Write. If you are wanting to enter this field with great typing skills but little experience, then a company such as Key For Cash is a great way to gain some experience.
Are you the whiz-kid type who loves doing internet research? If so, there are several companies that will hire you. ChaCha is a cool newcomer to the internet search world that pays you to answer search queries from your computer for individuals who are using their cell phone to text their question. Organized Wisdom and Mahalo are both companies that compile search results for various topics, the first being strictly health-related. They both pay pretty well for your completed and accepted search page.
Its harder to find legit data entry jobs, as these tend to be limited and sometimes temporary. Texting jobs are usually of an adult nature and while a great money maker, are not for everyone. Some of the resources listed on the right of this page are great sources for both data entry leads and referrals to texting jobs.

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  1. This was very helpful as I have five kids and a very loud house so I cant get a phone WAH job until they all go to school. My youngest is only 10 months old so that will be awhile

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