My Work At Home Experience

Have you ever considered working at home? I had tossed around the idea of having my own business for many years, yet never really found the right opportunity. Several years ago, I tried selling Tupperware and Avon, but found that direct sales just wasn’t my cup of tea. Besides, I found so much stuff that I wanted to buy from them, it left me deeply in the hole! More recently, I looked into some other party-sales type of businesses and found some really great ones, but again I felt like I probably wouldn’t succeed at direct sales.

One morning last fall I was watching the morning news, I believe on NBC, and they had a story about working from home while being a stay-at-home mom. They mentioned a website, I quickly visited it, and the door to the enormous world of working at home was suddenly thrown wide open! They discussed which work-at-home (WAH) jobs were legit and which were scams. I had just about fallen for one of those scams at the time, having responded to an ad in my local paper. I’m glad I caught that one in time, it involved re-mailing stuff which, I found out, would probably have been stolen goods!

Based upon the information I found on WAHM, I applied with several companies, including West Corporation. Within a few weeks I heard back from West and was hired to do customer service for a toy store. I still have that job, and I do enjoy it for the most part. Having a toddler in the house puts a definite limit on the amount of time I can spend working on the phone, though. But, through both the WAHM site and (WPLH) I have found several other non-phone WAH jobs. I am doing health cards for Organized Wisdom, I am a ChaCha guide, and my most recent venture is with a Paid-To-Post Company called Kick Start Your Forums. In later blogs I will give you all the scoop on these and other companies and let you know just how to go about applying with them.

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  1. I loved your blog !!! I too was an Avon Represenative for several years. I recently had to close my account due to lack of sale. Michigans unemployment as well as gas prices I’am sure have just about everything to do with it. I’am also a memeber of the site you mentioned and I got lucky recently and got hired at K*yF*rC*ash and I love it. The work is kinda slow right now and I havent been able to acsess it over the weekends so I’am seeking additional employment. Feel free to email me at for further employment opportunites.

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