Making Time…

I love working from home because it gives me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom and still bring in some income. Its not the easiest thing in the world to do, though. There are certainly days that I think I would be able to make a much larger amount of money if I just put my toddler in day care. Those are the days that I am frustrated because he is being clingy and isn’t happy anywhere other than in my lap and I have a large amount of work to get done! But then he falls asleep or he does something for the first time and I realize how much I would miss if he were in day care. Or I read a news article about a child who is hurt or killed by a babysitter and I realize all the money in the world isn’t worth worrying about the kind of care he is receiving. So then I just make up my mind to work slowly while balancing him on one arm, like now, and to stay up late at night to get some bleary-eyed work done. The hardest part is forcing myself to stop working and just sit down on the ground and play with him or read with him. We do a lot of reading at bed time, but I tend to let my busy-ness get in the way of just playing. That is my only regret.

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