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  • What a Bummer

    Well it looks like a great WAH opportunity has bit the dust. Today several of us at workplacelikehome were fired from Organized Wisdom. Some of them have done well over 1000 cards. The “excuse” was lack of quality. We all find that hard to believe. Why not strive to improve the quality if that were […]

  • Be Careful of Scams!

    As the Iowa woman in this linked story can attest, scams are the easiest “work-at-home” jobs to find! She answered an ad that sounded wonderful. Simply receiving, repackaging and reshipping goods to an international purchaser. I assume she was told some very plausible reasons for these shipments needing to be repackaged, etc. I know, because […]

  • Ishido!!

    I am so excited, I was just offered a position with Lifebushido! I have been trying to get hired with this company since October 2007! They are very selective in hiring, so now I feel rather special. Lifebushido is a really neat work-at-home company that mostly provides virtual assistants to real estate agents. From most […]

  • Non-Phone WAH Opportunities

    Phone jobs are a great way to have a steady income in the work-at-home world, but what if you have a house full of children and working on the phone is just not an option? There are many work-at-home jobs that use other skills, including transcription, internet research, texting services, and data entry.If you have […]

  • Thank You For Calling…

    A popular, yet little known, work-from-home field is telecommunications. Think of the type of jobs that are typically located in a call center facility. Now think of doing that job at home! There are a growing number of major corporations that contract with virtual call centers to employ work-at-home customer service representatives, sales representatives and […]

  • The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of…

    Do you remember that Carly Simon song that talked about the stuff that dreams are made of? I always loved that song, and being a mom was what my dreams were made of! Well, here I am! Right in the middle of my 32-year-long “mom adventure”! That’s 18 years for the youngest to get “grown“, […]