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  • What do high school wrestling and Leap Day have in common with your business

    Friday and Saturday I sat through many hours of high school wrestling. My son and several of his wrestling teammates had made it to the state championship tournament. I will admit, and hopefully this doesn’t make me a bad sports mom, but I do not like wrestling one little bit.So, most of the tournament when […]

  • Forgiveness and Trusting God in All Situations

    Over the last year I have come to understand the concept of forgiveness. You see, my oldest son was shot in the face a year ago yesterday in a mugging. It was one of the hardest days of my life. Never have I been so scared and so full of faith all at the same […]

  • 86 days…

    That’s how long it takes for a town brought to its knees to shake off the dirt, create a grand plan and get children back into school on the same day that they would have returned had that May tornado never developed. While the last few days of school were canceled because more than half […]