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  • Tips to Build Your Business Online and Offline

    Recently we attended an all day webinar through Virtual Rebarcamp and learned great information about building your business and marketing your business online and off.  One of the sessions I attended was titled “The 7 A’s To Building Your Business Online & Offline” hosted by Darin Persinger.  Because of his experience as a trainer and […]

  • How Does Facebook Work for Your Business?

    Facebook is incredibly popular. Everyone has heard of it. Many people have a Facebook page. And many of them are even active on it! Now that you can update it from a variety of sources, including your cell phone, the activity on Facebook is tremendous. In fact, Christmas day set a record for Facebook—it was […]

  • How Effective will Social Media Marketing be in 2010?

    Happy New Year!  Now is the time for lists, lists, lists. There are lists highlighting everything from “worst dressed celebrity of 2009” to “top political stories of 2009”.  People like to review the previous year, and make predictions for the new year.  Some of the most helpful studies were ones regarding social media marketing strategies.  […]

  • Marketing Your Small Business This Fall

    While the marketing ideas in the blog Halloween Real Estate Ideas are specific for real estate, they can be altered to fit just about any type of small business. If you are looking for some great ways to market your home-based business this fall, you might check out some of the ideas on that blog!