Alive & Kicking!

Its been ages since I blogged here! I really must get back to it. I do think I am going to move to a wordpress blog though, their SEO is fabulous.

So update on me. Working “full time” as a virtual assistant. Still with LB/BAB, also with Prescott Group and have started my own service (with 2 other ladies) called REVATS. REVATS is a work in progress, but we are slowly building up some clientele.

I have been blogging my heart out for marketing purposes and for clients, but just never find the time for myself! Part of what I do for marketing is on Twitter, both for Prescott and for REVATS. I often come across some great articles that could be helpful to someone looking for a work at home job or starting their own business. So I think I’ll be posting some of those on here as well.

We recently moved and I would really like to start blogging about the progression of my home and landscaping design efforts. Probably will create a new blog site for that one as well though! Ha!!

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