A Twitter of a Headache

Yesterday was a relaxing Sunday afternoon, with a gentle rain, a cool breeze, and the satisfaction of a fun Independence Day slipping into memory. I sat down with my laptop to catch up on some odds and ends that I had neglected last week and what to my dismay should I notice? My Twitter account had been suspended! Not only our virtual assistant account, but my personal account and another account that I work with weekly. What! What would we do without our Twitters! So in a panic, I tried to find out what the problem was. I find all this stuff about spam-filled twitter accounts. But why mine? We certainly don’t spam anyone, we have barely started doing regular tweets on the new business account! The only news blurb I could find was about some spam attack on Twitter by a group of people pushing a topic about gorilla parts. (I sure didn’t participate in that!) So after filling out a form on each of the suspended accounts and having some back and forth between myself and what seemed to be an automated computer researcher (complete with generic emails that told me little or nothing except that they actually received my complaint) I finally gave up and hoped it wouldn’t last the entire 30 days as warned in the Twitter suspension information. (I didn’t realize just how much I like Twitter until it was taken away!) This morning all seemed righted again, and I can once again Tweet with the best of them. And then, just in case I hadn’t noticed, a few hours ago my new automated computer researcher friend at Twitter sent me yet another generic email that indicated one of several things had taken place, the first of which “could be” that the problem was resolved. Ya think?

—Kim, VaVaVoomph

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