A change is in the air…

ChangeThe summer here in southwest Missouri has been very strange. Temperatures have been fairly low and rain levels have been high. Its been a complete opposite of the last couple of summers, with blazing hot temperatures and worsening drought. Seems like a breakthrough has happened in our local weather, and likewise I feel like a breakthrough has happened with my business.

The change that is afoot is not just autumn, but also changes with my business style. I have recently completed a free 30 day training through Sandi Krakowski’s A Real Change program. Even though there was alot of information about WordPress that I already knew, there was also quite a lot of information that was brand new to me!

One of those you will see reflected here very soon. Somehow I have managed to previously completely miss the tip that instead of having multiple websites for various areas of your business, you should instead have just one and then have different areas within it. So I have had VaVaVoomph for my “business-business” and then there was Ponytailed Professional for my more personal business side (does that make sense at all?) and I have had a few other spots here and there.

No more! I’m currently in the process of putting them all together here on my new website, KimScottWebDesign.com. Thanks to a wonderful little WordPress template that will allow me to have completely different looking sections on the exact same site, I think I can pull this off.

So hang on to your virtual hats! I’m hoping this is the beginning of a great ride!


Update! As of November 2015, I’ve gone back fully to PonytailedProfessional.com because my business just keeps evolving away from the “Web Design” concept, although it is an integral part of what I do.

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